Zero-Write Cybersecurity

Complete protection from web-borne ransomware, malware and other threats.

     “Simplicity is the utmost
       sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Current Competition

Identity software-based cybersecurity solutions, including Zero-Trust and artificial intelligence, are increasingly complex and expensive, yet they will never stop every current and future threat.

Monitor and Mitigate Is Not a Solution.

Are you satisfied that your current cyber solution is merely waiting for a breach and then hoping someone can fix it?

How we are different

Zecurity’s Unique Zero-Write Environment

We combine software with immutable firmware to create revolutionary enterprise security products that discover zero-day threats and prevent web-borne attacks. All web-borne malware or ransomware must “write” into your network to take effect. Our technology discovers malicious code when it tries to write and stops malicious code from entering your network. Because our process is embedded in our firmware, it cannot be changed by external actors.


All web-borne write, insert or delete commands in any programming or command languages are identified at machine language level, reported and prevented from taking action.

Ease of Integration

Integrates seamlessly with other cyber defenses.

Low Cost Maintenance

Does not require updating or active maintenance.

Key Applications for our Zero-Write Environment


Zecurity’s hardwall delivers complete web-borne threat protection for SCADA and other systems. True prevention. 

Why rely on mitigation after an attack?

Zecure Sweeper

Zecurity’s malware sweeper delivers cloud-based network searches for complete discovery of embedded unknown threats. We catch what others miss!

Zecure Scanner

Zecurity’s e-mail scanner delivers cloud-based scanning of e-mails for complete discovery of embedded unknown threats. Phishers beware!

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